Apple starts production of iPhone 13 in Brazil

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While much of Apple’s manufacturing takes place in China, the company has recently begun to use some of its facilities elsewhere. In fact, in recent days the company has started the production of iPhone 13 in Brasile. With one small exception: the Mini model, which for now remains without a local production chain.

iPhone 13: Apple starts production in Brazil, but excludes the Mini

9to5Mac recently reported some pretty interesting news. One of his readers, João Menicucci, bought an iPhone 13 and noticed that the box was marked “assembled in Brazil”. The model number – MLPF3BR / A – confirms that the device was actually assembled in the country as the units sold in Brazil, but imported from China, have the identifier “BZ / A” instead. Yet, for some unknown reason, it appears that Apple chose to only build the 6.1-inch iPhone 13 at the Foxconn Brazil (St. Paul). Confirming this, MacMagazine revealed that Apple has updated the iPhone 13 documentation at ANATEL, including the Brazilian facility as a manufacturing location. The documents, however, do not mention the Mini and Pro models.

To be fair, Apple has never assembled the Pro models in Brazil, probably because they are much more expensive and only a few people buy them in emerging countries. As opposed to cheaper models, such as theiPhone SE and theiPhone 11. What’s interesting to note, though, is that the company has eliminated the Mini model from local production plans. The reason? Perhaps the low demand from users, which seems to lead Apple to stop production. If, on the other hand, you are wondering why the company has moved production to Brazil, the answer could be linked to the high taxes on imported products. And this would well explain the decision to start a local production.

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