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Apple Store, problems managing iPhone 14 pre-orders

From today the pre-orders for the iPhone 14, Plus, Pro e Pro Maxbut it appears that several users around the world are reporting problems With the’Apple Store. With errors in selecting products and in some the inability to buy new smartphones. But not for everyone: most users have already made the purchase.

iPhone 14, problems with pre-orders on the Apple Store

Wednesday’s announcement from Cupertino set in pre-alerts all Apple users who want to have the new version of the smartphone right away. For a few hours there has been the possibility of making pre-orders, but it seems that more than one user has not yet managed to complete the purchase.

As MacRumors reports, and as the comments below the article confirm, there are many people who are having a hard time. Some have had to wait for the order confirmation for tens and tens of minutes, some after one long wait have encountered an error. And this has meant that in some markets the delivery times are longer than the first access to the site.

Apple iPhone 14 iPhone 14 Plus official specifications min

Shipments for the iPhone 14, Pro and Pro Max are expected to start on September 16while those for the iPhone 14 Plus will start on October 7. But it seems that many users will have to wait longer.

Apple had moved the pre-order by two days from Apple Watch e AirPods, in all likelihood to avoid clogging up the computer order system. However, it seems that the problems are still occurring and it is difficult to understand why. The sheer volume of connections may be enough to create all the problems, but seems unlikely.

We have made several purchase attempts (but without getting to the confirmation to avoid buying half a dozen iPhones) and the site seems to work fine. There may however be localized problems with the order management.

It is currently impossible to understand if these problems will have any impact on order shipments. We will keep you informed.

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