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Apple, the mixed reality viewer arrives in two months

Apple chose the June 5, 2023 to debut his first mixed reality headset, which he sees as the beginning of a post-iPhone era — now only two months away. In Cupertino we should see the new Apple device. And from there understand if this choice will be really successful.

Apple, the mixed reality viewer debuts in two months

As he explains on Bloomberg Mark GurmanJune 5 will be a risky but potentially monumental launch for Apple. Will announce mixed reality as the next big product categoryoffering a glimpse of a future where people interact with the world through pocket visors and non-touch screens.

The showcase at WWDC, the Worldwide Developers Conference, will likely include the headset itself. But his will also have an important role built-in xrOS operating system. And then the companion services and a software development kit and platform that will enable developers to write new kinds of apps.

As usual with WWDC invites, the artwork alongside the ad doesn’t do much to confirm Apple’s plans. But it does give some clues.

Apple WWDC23 worldwide developers conference min

The graphics of WWDC 2023 looks like a campus profile of Apple Park, which refers to the first day of the conference to be held at the company headquarters. Also, the WWDC logo is made up of a series of colored lines that overlap each other. This may suggest the profile of the headset seen from above.

Of course, these are just speculation based on vague clues. But adding them to months and years of clues and rumors, it seems that Apple really intends to unveil its mixed reality headset at WWDC 2023. A launch that could become a new Apple revolution – or become Apple’s first modern flop . What do you think about it? Tell us about it in the comments.

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