Apple: the VR headset could arrive by the end of the year

Apple: quando sarà il lancio del visore VR? L'attesa potrebbe essere lunga thumbnail

The Apple’s VR headset it may have completed production tests, and the device is likely to launch later this year. Previous leaks and rumors have described what the headset looks like, and some new renders have surfaced on the net over the past few hours, allowing us to get a little better idea of ​​what this new Apple device should look like.

Apple VR headset: Coming by the end of the year?

The renders are based on images of an AR headset prototype developed by Apple and provided by LetsGoDigital and the talented content creator Jermaine Smit, also known for his YouTube channel Concept Creator. It is possible to clearly see that the device sports a huge visor, but the real magic happens inside. According to well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the viewer will have a total of 15 cameras for tracking and collecting biometric data.

Behind the visor, abundant foam can be seen, and it is likely to be there, so that the wearer does not feel fatigued during extended periods of use. The blue colored strap also appears to be adjustable. According to a previous report, the AR headset may not weigh more than 150 grams, allowing you to wear the device comfortably for hours.

The mixed reality headset can support up to 8K resolution for the most immersive experience ever and won’t run out of processing power.

Although the AR headset is said to be a lightweight device, it should have two chipsets; one at 4 nm and one at 5 nm. The performance of the high-end chipset could be equivalent to theM1 Apple, while the secondary SoC will be responsible for managing the sensor calculations. There are also rumors that the device may be able to run on battery power and support the same 96W power supply as the 14-inch MacBook Pro 2021.