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Apple TV 4K 2022 review: cheaper then what?

Apple TV 4K 2022 costs less.
And in itself it is already an excellent starting point. The price, however, is not the only difference with the model released last year, with Cupertino who is working to make this box increasingly interesting and attractive, especially if you already gravitate around the Apple ecosystem.
So let’s try to understand what Apple TV is like, what has changed compared to last year and to whom it is dedicated.

The Apple TV 4K 2022 review

We asked ourselves this, and we will certainly not be the only ones.
Why a new Apple TV 4K?
The answer is perhaps simpler than expected: because it could have been done better.

Not that Apple TV 4K wasn’t well done last year but, as we told you in this video, we were faced with a streaming device that cost a lot more than the competition offering more or less the same things.
And so here we are, with a new, slightly cheaper model and some interesting new hardware and software.

It looks the same but …

At first glance they look the same. Put side by side, however, the first novelty emerges: Apple TV 4K 2022 is more compact, with a 20% reduction in footprint compared to the 2021 variant.
A small detail, we understand, but which allows you to save a little bit of space.

The color – only black – remains unchanged, while we have a novelty on the connectivity front. Now there are two versions: 64 GB, Wi-Fi only, and 128 GB, Wi-Fi + Ethernet. The latter, which is the model that ended up under our clutches, uses the Thread mesh protocol to connect compatible smart home devices.

Apple TV 4K connectors review

Finally, the HDMI port is always 2.1, like last year. This means that in the future Apple could plan a software update that allows its small box to support 8K as well. It is not a certainty, mind you, but a possibility that makes the product “future-proof”.

How do you see it?

Apple TV 4K streaming

Here another novelty comes into play: the HDR10+.
In fact, last year Apple TV 4K had presented itself with support for 4K resolution, 60 fps, HDR10 and Dolby Vision. Now we have one more standard, and it could not be otherwise, after all, HDR10 + is also present on Amazon’s Fire TV Stick and Roku devices, the direct competition of this box.
This allows you to count on an improved HDR, the icing on the cake of a device that tends to work very well. Streaming is defined, fluid, designed to handle everything modern platforms have to offer.
We remind you, however, that part of the work must be done by your connection since we are talking about a smart system, which needs constant access to the Internet and a fair amount of bandwidth to be able to give you back the coveted 4K. As happens with all similar devices.

Apple TV 4K iPhone calibration

Come back then calibration with iPhone. By placing the smartphone on the TV, you can adjust the balance to compensate for any imperfections of your home TV.
Two important notes:

  • you need an iPhone with FaceID with iOS 14.5 or later;
  • the calibration only affects Apple TV 4K so as soon as you exit and enter other areas of your TV you lose this setting.
  • Overall the viewing experience is very good even if a feature that will arrive by the end of the year is missing, the QMS_VRR. Ok, let’s put aside the difficult acronyms to understand what it is.
    QMS stands for Quick Media Switching and, relying on the VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) technology – the one we also find on consoles – it allows a perfect transition between contents with different refresh rate. Basically there will be no temporary black or white screens because everything will be handled more smoothly.

    Viewing content is just the beginning

    We associate devices such as Apple TV 4K 2022 with viewing content. And it makes sense. After all, the initial purpose was this: to provide users with a system to watch what they want. And “what they want” in this case they are all streaming services: Netflix, Prime Video, Disney +, Paramount + and many more.

    But watching TV is only one of the things you can do with the Apple box. First of all you can enjoy Fitness+, with the TV panel helping you to better follow any exercise, from meditation to yoga, from dancing to cycling.

    Apple TV 4K fitness review

    Then there is Apple Music, with the song lyrics that allow you to improvise karaoke with friends and family, while Arcade allows you to play, controller in hand. Including those from Xbox and PlayStation.

    You also have the option of manage smart home devices and of iask Siri ready to respond to your requests, including those related to the content you are viewing. For example, you could ask her who are the actors of the TV series you are following with great passion or you can ask her to find films belonging to a certain genre.

    And this to name the most popular features. You can actually use Apple TV 4K for too look at your photosperhaps by accessing the shared family album, you can watch what is happening outside your home by accessing the compatible cameras or still use the function Shared Play to watch something with a friend, partner or relative who lives far away.

    Hardware and software work together

    Apple TV 4K 2022 siri

    To make all this possible is the beating heart of the new Apple TV 4K 2022: the A15 Bionic processor. A decisive step forward compared to last year’s A12 that allows apps to open faster, the system to be more fluid and the GPUs to guarantee 30% higher performance. In short, everything works better.
    More power, however, does not mean increased consumption: Cupertino has worked hard to make his home box more efficient.

    But the hardware needs software that is up to the task, and that software is tvOS. The Apple TV 4K operating system supports multi-user, so each family member can enjoy a personalized experience. Then a juicy integration will arrive by the end of the year: voice recognition. In essence, Siri will be able to understand who is talking to her and then just say “switch to my profile” to enter the correct account or, again, you can tell her “recommend something to look at” and Siri will show suggestions suitable for the person who spoke, even if the currently active user is different.

    Remote controller

    Apple TV 4K remote control review

    Never change a winning team.
    So yes, the remote control is the same as the last one so we always have a few but comfortable keys, with the button dedicated to Siri on the side and the circular touchpad that dominates the top. And again yes, the backlight is still missing.

    There is a small change though: now the Apple TV 4K 2022 remote has a USB-C connector with charging. Goodbye to lightning.

    The Apple TV 4K 2022 review: conclusion

    Apple TV 4K 2022 is available in the version 64 GB Wi-Fi a 169 € as we go up at € 189 for the 128 GB Wi-Fi + Ethernet version.
    There are still quite a few if we take into consideration the direct competitors, the Fire TV Sticks from Amazon and the Chromecasts from Google, so who and why should buy this product?
    First of all because, as widely described, it is not “just” a streaming device. Apple puts in your hands an entertainment and control center that integrates seamlessly into the ecosystem. Which brings us to the inevitable conclusion: Apple TV 4K 2022 is a product that it certainly goes better with those who already have a product of the American giant in their handswhether he lives alone or with an entire family.
    And if all you want is to watch a movie while fishing from one of the many streaming platforms available online, you can probably go elsewhere and save; if you are looking for something more, from the possibility of playing to that of exercising, surely Apple TV 4K is a valid option.

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