Apple updates iOS, iPadOS and even watchOS

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The update arrived for thePhone, iPad e Apple Watch it brought interesting news and new features, but also some small problems. Which Apple immediately tries to fix. In fact it has released a new one update per iOS 15, iPadOS 15 e watchOS 8 with some bug fix. The new versions do not add any news but are limited to improving the experience, refining the Apple operating system on all mobile devices.

Apple updates both iOS and iPadOS and watchOS with bug fixes

No IT update is perfect. Some problems “pop up” only when an operating system comes out of the test phase and gets into the hands of millions of users. Even Apple is not exempt from this type of problem: Apple’s engineers are good and attentive, not perfect.

Precisely for this reason they arrive iOS 15.0.2, iPadOS 15.0.2 e watchOS 8.0.1.

The news and bug fixes of the update to iOS 15.0.2

The new iPhone operating system, which arrived a week after the announcement of the 13th in live streaming, immediately proved to have some imperfections to refine. Only ten days after arrival, on the first of October, we saw the primo bug fix 15.0.1 to fix the Apple Watch Unlock issue, which caused problems on iPhone 13. It also fixed some issues regarding full memory warnings and an Apple Fitness + bug.

But with the tide of services and applications moving your iPhone, a small bug fix update isn’t enough. With the update to iOS 15.0.2, which you can do automatically, Apple solves problems related to:

  • the saved photos in the library from Messages they could have been deleted after removing the associated thread or message
  • The leather wallet for iPhone with MagSafe he might not have connected to Where Is
  • AirTag it might not appear in the Find My Objects panel
  • CarPlay it might fail to open audio apps or it might disconnect during playback
  • Device reset or update might have failed using Finder O iTunes with iPhone 13 models

In the notes, no reference is made to other problems highlighted in recent days, such as some bugs related to display ProMotion di iPhone 13 Pro. However, there are fixes for security issues.

You can force the update by going to Settings, then choosing from there General then Software update.

As for iOS, the bug fix update 15.0.2 also arrives on iPad

The development of operating systems for smartphones and tablets, unlike what happens in Android, for the engineers of Cupertino travels on two independent channels. But given the many similarities, it often happens that the update comes together for fix the same bugs. Again, the similarities are many. In fact, the update to iPadOS 15.0.2 solves:

  • Photos saved in the library from Messages could have been deleted after removing the associated thread or message
  • AirTag it might not appear in the Find My Objects panel
  • Restoring or updating the device might have failed using Finder or iTunes for iPad Mini sixth generation

Again, you can speed up the update by going to Settings –> General –> Software update.

Bug fix per watchOS 8.0.1

The update for Apple’s smartwatch comes to fix some bugs, even if they are fewer than what we’ve seen on smartphones and tablets. Not surprisingly, the complexity of the system is less. This also explains why this is the very first bug fix update for watchOS 8.

apple-watchos 8-min

Among the problems encountered, the two main ones concern Series 3 Apple Watch, the oldest among those compatible with the update that arrived in September. The update contains fixes for:

  • The upgrade progress may not be shown accurately for some Apple Watch Series 3 users
  • The settings for theaccessibility may not be available to some Apple Watch Series 3 users

However, the new features such as the Focus, the display Alwayson, the app for the Mindfulness and support for AirTag they should already work best on all Apple devices.

To update your Apple Watch, go to the app Watch on your iPhone and choose from there General. At this point, select Software update.

As mentioned, these updates only concern bugs to be solved and do not add any news. But even if you haven’t encountered these problems, it still pays off update for the security update, which makes life more difficult for hackers.

For the software news we will still have to wait a bit: it has not yet been a month since Apple launched the new operating systems. What do you think of iOS and iPadOS 15 and watchOS 8?