Apple uses artificial intelligence to turn books into audiobooks

Apple sfrutta l'intelligenza artificiale per trasformare libri in audiolibri thumbnail

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine deep learning, data mining, and another modern computer technologies concepts. Brain representing artificial intelligence and businessman holding futuristic tablet.

Apple is also betting on artificial intelligence with the launch of a new service able to transform any digital book into a real audiobook. In fact, Apple Books users can count on a new system that can optimize entries to the maximum.

eBooks become audiobooks with Apple’s new AI-based text-to-speech technology

Apple Books introduced a new system of “digital storytelling“. The authors of the books (even the independent ones) will be able to choose to publish audiobooks, transforming their digital books thanks to a speech synthesis system based on artificial intelligence.

For now, they are available four narrative voices, all in English. In the near future, however, the digital storytelling system is destined to evolve, enriching the options available to authors who will be able to easily transform books into audiobooks.

L‘artificial intelligence it shows itself, therefore, once again capable of surprising for its increasingly refined and complete skills. Apple’s new project is confirmation of the potential of a technology that seems to have no limits to growth.