Mercedes-Benz will roll out a high-power charging network starting in North America

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Mercedes-Benz decided to launch one global high-power charging network in North America, Europe, China and other key markets, starting from United States and from Canada to then continue in other regions of the world.

The goal is to have a complete charging network in place by the end of the decade, in anticipation of Mercedes-Benz’s future switch to electric automotive. Everything is designed to significantly improve customers’ electric car charging experience and accelerate their journey towards a green future.

Mercedes-Benz launches charging network in North America

Mercedes-Benz charging hubs will be located in major cities and city centers close to major arterial roads. The multinational agreed that this strategic move will significantly improve the usability and convenience of the new generation of electric vehicles.

In addition, Mercedes-Benz customers will enjoy preferential access via a reservation function and many other benefits.

The company has chosen CES 2023 for the launch of its high-power charging network that will start this year in North America. Collaborating partners with Mercedes-Benz will be MN8 Energy, one of the largest owners and operators of solar energy and battery storage in the United States, and ChargePoint, a leader in electric vehicle charging network technology.

The goal is to have a network of more than 400 hubs across North America with more than 2,500 high-power chargers by 2027.

“Mercedes-Benz already offers what we believe are the best electric vehicles on the market. But to accelerate the electric transformation, we need to make sure the charging experience keeps pace too. Our customers deserve a compelling charging experience that makes EV ownership and long-distance travel easier,” he commented. Ola Källenius, Chairman of the Management Board of Mercedes-Benz Group AG.

“We will not take a wait-and-see approach for this to be built. That’s why we’re launching a high-end global charging network. It is designed to become another differentiator of Mercedes-Benz ownership for our customers and an asset with value creation potential for our company. We are excited to start right here in North America with strong and experienced partners like MN8 Energy and ChargePoint.”

A perfect and safe charging experience

For those who usually travel long distances, navigation Mercedes-Benz Electric Intelligence it makes life easier by automatically optimizing route planning, indicating the best charging points and reserving seats in advance.

Depending on region and location, the hubs will offer up to 30 high-power chargers (HPCs) with up to 350 kW of charging power. Intelligent charge-charge management will allow each vehicle to recharge quickly, with waiting times to a minimum. Where possible, charging points will be covered for protection from the elements.

The locations of the Mercedes-Benz charging centers will be carefully selected taking into account the needs of the customers. In all likelihood, the recharging centers will be enriched with nearby refreshment points and toilets. The facilities will also be equipped with surveillance cameras and other security measures to ensure a protected environment.

The Mercedes-Benz charging network winks at sustainability

Following its sustainable business strategy”Ambition 2039“, Mercedes-Benz is committed to providing an eco-friendly charging network, thanks to green supply contracts or using renewable energy certificates from an accredited supplier.

The Mercedes-Benz charging hubs will be equipped with photovoltaic systems to supply electricity for lighting and video surveillance. The total cost of the investment for the North American network alone will be just over 1 billion euros.

However, the expense is more than justified: The Mercedes-Benz high-power charging network is the next step towards the company’s electrification. Therefore it is important to accelerate the expansion of the Mercedes-Benz high-power charging network with strong partners such as MN8 Energy and ChargePoint in North America.

The energy partners of Mercedes-Benz

“MN8 Energy has a mission to provide customers like Mercedes-Benz with renewable energy and related solutions on their journey towards an electrified and decarbonised world,” he commented. Jon Yoder, president and chief executive officer of MN8 Energy.

“Supporting the development of this exceptional charging experience helps address one of the most significant barriers to EV adoption: range anxiety. With each party building on their strengths, we are thrilled to embark on this collaboration to expand access to charging with Mercedes-Benz and ChargePoint.”

ChargePoint, already a back-end supplier in the US, is a special partner for Mercedes-Benz, which is a long-standing shareholder. With this collaboration, the companies aim to offer first-class convenience and reliability to their customers.

“Automotive leaders such as Mercedes-Benz continue to lead the transition to electric mobility by bringing new electric vehicles to market and ChargePoint remains committed to enabling all drivers to charge when and where they want,” he said. Pasquale Romano, CEO, ChargePoint.

“With this partnership, we are expanding our existing relationships with Mercedes Benz and MN8 to offer a seamless charging experience for drivers and turnkey charging solutions with no upfront costs for site hosts. By establishing charging hubs in convenient locations across the United States and Canada, we are able to provide a superior experience to more drivers who want to charge quickly and easily.”

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