Apple Vision Pro could “cannibalize” iPad sales in the future

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The new arrival at Apple, theApple Vision Pro, could one day steal market share from iPad, going so far as to cannibalize another Apple device. Or at least that’s what a report by Bloomberg expert Mark Gurman seems to predict. Although, according to the analyst, Apple should launch a cheaper alternative to the da version $3.499.

Could Apple Vision Pro “cannibalize” the iPad?

Technology analyst Mark Gurman, in his Bloomberg “Power On” (via WCCFTech), called the Apple Vision Pro a “iPad killer”. Gurman says that while the new wearable device is still in its early stages, it may be over cannibalize iPad sales, offering a superior user experience compared to Apple’s tablet. Even if we have to wait a few more years before that happens.

Apple has tried to position the iPad as an effective replacement for the Mac or laptop, boasting its lightness and thinness. However, according to Gurman, the Achilles’ heel has always been iPadOS. Also with keyboard and mouse support, and the introduction of professional applications such as Final Cut, tablet sales saw a decline. For work, people use Macs. iPad is for entertainment – ​​and it looks like the future of entertainment for Apple is Vision Pro.

After testing it for a week, Gurman agrees with many other reviewers that the device excels at streaming video, in light work activities and in managing emails and messages. It could become an alternative to the iPad, offering a huge virtual screen instead of the 10-12 inches of tablets.

Despite the interesting prospects, however, Gurman acknowledges that the Apple Vision Pro is more of a one-off “preview of the future” than the future itself. At the moment it weighs too much, the battery doesn’t last long and some essential entertainment apps are missing.

Furthermore, there is the issue of price. Apple is working on a hypothetical low-cost model, but its availability is not expected until 2025, maybe even later. For the moment, therefore, iPad need not fear. But according to Gurman, the future belongs to Apple Vision Pro.

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