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Apple Vision Pro: there are many product returns in the United States, the reason has been revealed

Just two weeks after the launch of theApple Vision Proa number of have been recorded in the United States resi to obtain a full refund of the expense, which amounts to well $3,499. Why do people want to return the product? Could it hit the mark on the release of the visor launched by Mark Zuckuerberg?

Why so many returns related to the new Apple Vision Pro?

No official explanations have yet been received from the Cupertino giant, but an idea – not too vague – of the reason why many people are returning the Apple Vision Pro in the United States was raised by the survey from editorial staff of the Cult of Mac site on

45% of users, or almost half of those who responded to the survey, said they wanted to return Apple Vision Pro. This is because the product, in reality, is really very uncomfortable. Il viewer weighs excessively and therefore wearing it for long sessions of use is practically impossible.

So, for those who were not particularly impressed by the use of theApple Vision Pro, returned the item in order to receive a full refund of up to $3,499. Apparently, the device is not really worth all this money.

What will happen to them returned viewers? Once received, the bitten apple team will refurbish them and offer them for sale through the official store as certified refurbishedat a significant discount.

First impressions of the product

The first expert reviews from the United States (we don’t know at the moment when Apple Vision Pro arrives in Italy), highlighting some exceptional features. But also several limitations of this “first generation” product.

On the one hand, there are those who consider it a revolutionary device for the performance of passthrough: the cameras and sensors recreate the environment you are in faithfully and without latency, so much so that Marques Brownlee on YouTube he said he was able to play ping-pong without removing the device. AND The Verge agrees and repeats: the display is exceptional, furthermore the tracking of eye movement is unparalleled: just look at a precise point of view and bring your thumb and index finger together to select elements in mixed reality.

However, experts point out that it must get used to leaving multitasking aside: you need your total concentration. If you turn to look at another open app while typing on the virtual keyboard, Vision Pro will not continue writing.

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