Apple wants to improve the iPhone’s water and pressure resistance

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Apple would be developing new technologies for improve the resistance to water and pressure of the iPhone, ensuring the functioning of the sensors even in extreme situations. A new patent would guarantee resistance to external pressure, both underwater and at high altitudes.

Apple aims to improve the water and pressure resistance of the iPhone

According to a new patent filed by Apple, iPhones can withstand pressure better than they currently do. The patent explains that: “These devices travel with people from their home to work, updating on bus rides, traffic, recording match scores for the day and more. As users depend more and more on these devices, devices must be designed to be more robust ”.

Among the proposals of the Apple there is the exchange of some materials, using metal and non-plastic components, or by tempering the glass parts. But there are also engineering measures to take into account. One way to prevent water from entering the device is to close the doors through which he could enter.

But the risk remains that closing the doors could increase temperatures, leading to other types of damage. Furthermore, sensors for temperature and pressure become less sensitive if not in contact with the external environment.

So Apple would be developing an internal cavity connected to the outside via “A barometric vent fluidly connected to an opening in the body”. This should allow you to measure the external pressure without compromising the components inside the device.

The sensor could also compensate the external pressure with the internal one, rmaking it safer to use both at low pressure (at high altitude) and at high pressure (underwater). Furthermore, it would give a way to vent the heat.

This patent could guarantee greater resistance to iPhones, which Apple could use as a reason to convince even more users to choose their smartphones. And this technology could extend to products like Apple Watch, to make it more resistant in water. But at the moment it is difficult to evaluate if and when Apple will apply the patents. We will keep you informed.

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