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Apple wants to know the sources of the Chinese leaker

It often happens that we report news about the products in advance Apple, revealed by some leaker cinese which cites sources within the company. In fact, iPhones are produced in China and it is easier to cast your eyes on a prototype. But these “leaks” contain confidential information disclosed by some employee in violation of the NDAs. And Cupertino is taking more and more measures to stop them, including gods legal provisions.

Apple wants to find out the sources of the Chinese leaker

IPhone manufacturing in China works great, allowing Apple to be the richest company in history. But employees seem to violate secrecy agreements a little too often, unveiling details on the iPhone, iPad and Mac in preview.

In addition to putting in place protocols to monitor leaks, Apple is taking legal steps. According to when a user reports on the Weibo social network, Apple China has involved its representatives, Fangda Partners. Who sent out a letter urging leakers to stop sharing information on iPhone prototypes. Furthermore, the company gave the leaker 14 days to reveal his sources, before continuing with the legal proceedings.

iPhone 13 Pro new colorsPhoto Credits: Apple Tomorrow

“You have disclosed a large amount of information relating to unreleased Apple products without authorization. This involves a deliberate violation of Apple’s commercial confidentiality right. Through the investigation, Apple has obtained important evidence regarding your unauthorized disclosure of Apple’s unreleased products. Your violation manifests itself specifically in: posting confidential information about new Apple products through social media platforms. This includes, but is not limited to, the design and performance of these new products ”.

For now it is not clear what Apple’s real intentions are. There may be a willingness to actually go to court. Or it could be a tactic to stop leaks. Which are more and more frequent, since we now know lots of details about iPhone 13, from the 120Hz OLED screen to the 12-like design. But if Chinese lawyers were successful, maybe we might know a lot less about the iPhone 14.

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