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Apple wants to monitor blood sugar with Apple Watch

Apple is working to bring the blood sugar monitoring (no need for punctures and blood draws) on Apple Watch. A project that continues from the time of Steve Jobs – but it seems that finally the Cupertino engineers are neighbors to the result.

Apple Watch will soon be able to monitor blood sugar

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Mark Gurman on Bloomberg explains that Apple is working on a technology – dubbed E5 – to measure the amount of glucose in someone’s body without having to prick the skin to draw blood. Gurman reports that, according to people familiar with the development, she is close to entering this market.

The ultimate goal would be to bring this technology to the Apple Watch, officially consecrating it as a fundamental device for health. Millions of people have diabetes – about one in ten people in the United States, for example.

There are currently several devices that make it easier to measure blood sugar. Instead of piercing the skin every day, devices like skin patches Dexcom o Abbott allow you to monitor the progress with your smartphone for several weeks.

Apple however is taking a different approach, using a technology called optical absorption spectroscopy. A sensor analyzes the interstitial fluid (substances that draw from capillaries) that can be absorbed by glucose. The sensor therefore knows how to reflect the glucose concentration and an algorithm analyzes the blood sugar level.

According to Gurman, hundreds of engineers are working on the project as part of theExploratory Design Group di Apple, o XDG. A technically secret initiative – but famous for experts.

Apple would be close to launching this technology, even if Gurman does not give any time limit. But this news confirms the importance of the “health” sector for Apple.

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