Apple Watch Series 8 takes 5 nights to establish the pulse temperature

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Apple has released a new support document with more details on the new detection feature pulse temperature available on models Apple Watch Series 8 e Apple Watch Ultra. It is therefore clear that the feature requires users to wear the watch for five nights before it can detect a temperature baseline.

Apple Watch Series 8 establishes the core temperature of the wrist in 5 nights

Apple Watch Series 8‌ e ‌Apple Watch Ultra‌ hanno two temperature sensors: one on the rear window, next to the skin, and another just below the display. While the wearer sleeps, Apple Watch detects the temperature of the wrist every five seconds. A system that improves accuracy by reducing distortion of the external environment, according to Apple. “Body temperature naturally fluctuates and can vary every night due to diet and exercise, alcohol consumption, sleeping environment or physiological factors such as menstrual cycles and illness – the company writes -. After about 5 nights, the Apple Watch will determine the base pulse temperature and look for nighttime changes. ”

More specifically, the Cupertino company underlines that Sleep must be configured with “Track sleep with Apple Watch” enabled. And that Sleep Focus must be enabled at least for 4 hours a night for 5 consecutive days. In this way, the Apple Watch will monitor the temperature, which users can then view in the Health App. In any case, the company warns that the function it’s not a medical grade device, and that it should not be used for medical purposes. In that regard, it is important to consider that Apple is promoting the feature of its Watch Series 8 as a way to improve cycle forecasts and retrospective estimates of ovulation. But the supporting document suggests that monitoring nighttime temperature changes during sleep can give anyone an idea of ​​their “overall well-being.” After five nights, probably.