Apple Watch Series 8 will have a larger screen

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It seems that Apple will equip the new Apple Watch Series 8 of a screen larger than 5% compared to the past generation. This should make it even easier to use the new health features of the smartwatch.

Apple Watch Series 8 will have 5% larger screen

The voice comes from the screen analyst Ross Young at DSCCimmediately confirmed by Jeff Pu of Haitong International Securities. As early as last October, Young speculated that Apple could provide three screen cuts for the new Watch. Now explains that the new screen should measure 1.99 inches diagonally.

In an investor note, Jeff Pu confirmed that the supplier Luxshare Apple allegedly provided Apple with a two-inch display exclusively for the Watches. A measure that suggests that Pu has simply rounded up, confirming what Young said.

In Series 7 we saw two Apple smartwatch sizes, the one from 41mm (which then measures 1.691 inches) and the 1.901-inch one by 45mm. A five percent increase for the new display.

It seems possible that the larger screen is reserved for the version with the flat frames, breezy in recent months. Although at the moment it is difficult to understand whether this larger, curvature-free screen could relate to the “rugged”For sportsmen, which could be called Explorer Edition.

However, what seems consolidated is that Apple wants to expand its line of smartwatches and this year will present three different models: standard, SE (cheaper) and rugged. It remains to be seen how they will be implemented at the launch scheduled for September.

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