Apple Watch Ultra is tough, but not easy to repair

Apple Watch Ultra è resistente, ma non facile da riparare thumbnail

L’Apple Watch Ultra it is made to be ultra durable, but what happens if you need to repair it? iFixit carried out his teardown of the device, disassembling the new Apple smartwatch. And the result is not as positive as that reported for iPhones: to fix ityou have to go to the Apple Stores.

Apple Watch Ultra isn’t easy to repair

Repairability is an increasingly important concept for users. Not only does it allow you to give more choice when tech devices break (do-it-yourself, authorized centers, etc.). But it also helps in terms of sustainability, extending the average life of the devices. Apple knows that in the last period it has made its iPhones more repairable and supplied original parts and kits to individuals as well.

But according to iFixit, the same isn’t true of the Apple Watch Ultra. Although there are screws to remove the bottom panel, to access the components you must break the hermetic seal. Which given the watch’s underwater capabilities doesn’t seem like the best idea. And trying to lift the screen without the right tools and expert dexterity is virtually impossible. You risk breaking it.

It is also difficult to access the battery and other components due to the bigger speakers, hard to get around. Although they promise to be great for calls, as well as Apple’s announced siren effect.

So if you want to fix your Apple Watch Ultra and don’t have the huge iFixit experience, the advice is to take the watch to an Apple Store and ask the experts. Although iFixit is optimistic about the future. The fact that it opens from both the back and the front is encouraging, even if it is almost impossible to go further. The hope is that the second generation of this product will be a little more repairable.