Apple Watch potrà adeguare lo sfondo al colore del cinturino: ecco il nuovo brevetto thumbnail

Apple Watch will be able to adjust the background to the color of the band in use

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Apple continues to work on the future of Apple Watch. A patent just leaked online may have anticipated one of the possible innovations that will characterize the smartwatch in the near future. Indeed, thanks to NFC technology, Apple Watch and bands will be able to “communicate” unlocking a number of additional features for the user. Here are the details:

Apple Watch will be able to identify the band used

The new technology that Apple is working on exploit an NFC tag integrated into the strap. Qhis solution will allow any Apple Watch Of recognize the strap in use by the user, going to adjust the features, the colors of the UI and even the applications accessible on the basis of the data received from the strap.

For example, by pairing Apple Watch with a yellow band, the smartwatch may be able to adjust the user interface to the color of the band, aby adopting a yellow theme for the UI. This is just one of the possible applications of this technology.

In fact, the use of specific straps could also lead to the sblock certain apps, not accessible with other straps. This system will also allow Apple Watch to identify non-certified straps and, therefore, to limit the features available to the user.

For now, it should be stressed, it is only a patent. Apple, however, could announce news in this sense in the near future.

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