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Apple Watch, will health be more and more at your wrist?

It’s that time of year when rumors about new fall products from Apple they are becoming more and more numerous, in anticipation of the great event that is usually held in September, e we count the features already present in Apple devices and those that could arrive soon. Among the most anticipated products we find theApple Watchthe wearable of the Cupertino company: the features already on board dedicated to health and fitness are really many, and Apple – presenting watchOS 9 – has already revealed what could officially arrive in October. So here it is what Apple Watch is currently capable of and what it could do in the future.

What Apple Watch can do

L’Apple Watch it certainly does not need introductions, it is no coincidence that the latest model was the smartwatch best-selling in the first quarter of 2022, and the second place was occupied by the younger brother, the AW SE. Since its first version, the device has been able to monitor the heartbeat, make and receive calls thanks to the microphone and the integrated speakers, and resist splashes first and then water.

apple watch salutePhoto credits: Apple.

Subsequently Apple did a masterful job, adding an increasingly resistant glass, more performing processors, the LTE network eua reliable sensor series of new generation: from that for l’ECG at the measurement of blood oxygenation and fall detection.

These sensors, however, are nothing without great software that manages everything, and even in this Apple has always stood out. Leaving nothing to chance, it has constantly improved the management of workouts, the monitoring of fundamental vital signs and the Watch and Health applications, from which all the data can be consulted.

In fact, over the years Apple has tried more and more to make the Apple Watch such a reliable product almost become a medical device. For example, it is possible to perform an ECG and, saving it in PDF, send it directly to your doctor from the comfort of your home.

When an Apple Watch saves your life

Furthermore, the testimonies they report are more and more numerous how Apple Watch literally saved people’s lives. Not only thanks to the fall detection, which can trigger an automatic call to help and emergency contacts, but also thanks to the sensors integrated in the smartwatch that monitor the heart rhythm. Apple Watch, for example, recently saved the life of a Maine woman, CBS News reports.

In fact, at the beginning of May, the woman received a warning for two consecutive nights indicating the presence of atrial fibrillation. Once she went to the emergency room, a little reluctantly convinced it was a mistake, the doctors discovered the presence of a rapidly growing tumor which was affecting the blood supply to the heart and which would have caused a stroke. The woman was then successfully operated and the Apple Watch really saved her life: she had no symptoms, and without the device on her wrist she would have noticed the tumor at a very advanced stage. This, however, is only one of the many times in which the Apple Watch, in a timely manner, has detected serious problems that would not have been discovered otherwise.

apple watch Photo credits: Apple.

Apple is all about people’s health and wellbeing

Tim CookApple’s CEO, has repeatedly stated that the company’s greatest contribution to humanity would likely have been health related. There have been many steps forward over the past decade, but Apple has now decided to release a guide on how Apple Watch, iPhone and the Health app are enabling people to live healthier lives, and what they envision for the future. These products, in addition to saving lives in extraordinary circumstances, also improve many aspects of people’s daily health and well-being. And that’s what this new guide from Apple aims to share.

Apple’s efforts to improve all things health focus primarily on two categories, detailed in the two relevant sections of the 60 page report. The first is Apple’s focus on the health and fitness features of the Apple Watch and iPhone; the second is the collaboration with the medical community in order to support research and treatment.

Apple Watch health and wellnessPhoto credits: Apple.

Strength points

Apple took stock of the situation by explaining that iOS 16 and watchOS 9 will offer features focused on 17 health and fitness areas, from heart health to sleep; women’s health, mobility and more. Users can now store over 150 different types of health data from Apple Watch, iPhone, and connected third-party apps or devices in one centralized view in the Health app. To which they are added medical record data available through connected facilities in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. The APIand, they enable third-party developers to create new solutions that promote healthy lifestyles and health innovation.

Obviously, all of this is created with the user privacyin fact Apple explains that all the functions are developed according to two principles: rigorous scientific validation processes and the utmost attention to privacy.

What can we expect in the future

L’app Saluteand in general the services that revolve around the Apple Watch, are therefore in constant evolution. Starting with watchOS 9 it will be possible monitor sleep stages and receive detailed information on many areas, from training to health, but in the future it is thought that the Cupertino company may also add other features.

watchOS 9 sleep monitoringPhoto credits: Apple.

Among these, for some time, there has been talk of a sensor that measures the temperature; one intended for monitoring the glycemia and maybe, in the future, even the possibility of measure blood pressure. There is also rumor about the possibility of detect sleep apneathanks to the sensor that measures oxygenation in the blood, and a feature that would detect the car accidents, even from the iPhone, calling for help. Some of these features may be introduced in the Apple Watch Series 8, but it’s unclear if all of these sensors are ready, so Apple may decide to wait any longer.

Health also comes with exercise and Apple will bring tons of new metrics to its wearable device. With watchOS 9 comes the zone cardio, the ability to set specific goals for your sessions; there stride length while runningthe time of contact with the ground, the vertical oscillation and much more.

Training sessions on Apple Fitness +

Apple Fitness+, then, it is constantly being updated with new workouts dedicated to everyone. The last big news was theintroduction of several ten-minute videos dedicated to women who have just given birth. The videos are created specifically for the post-pregnancy journey, to regain the energy and strength of before childbirth, and also include exercises for the pelvic floor. The service is available for € 9.99 per month or € 79.99 per year.

In short, Apple is really putting a lot of effort into the Apple Watch and the whole field of health and well-being, conquering users who wear the product for the first time. Certainly constant collaboration with doctors, the numerous tests before the actual release of a feature and the deep experience behind the company are three fundamental pillars of its success. All that remains is to wait for the next models to find out what else to expect from Apple Watch and the Cupertino company.

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