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Apple will focus on eSIMs for the iPhones of the future

For the future of its range of iPhoneover the next few years, Apple could focus exclusively on eSIMs, solutions intended to permanently replace traditional SIM Cards. The first step of this “handover” could come with i new iPhones 14. Here are all the details related to the new projects of the company:

iPhone 14: will there be only eSIM variants?

Apple could begin the move to iPhones without physical SIM card slots with the new iPhones 14. I in fact, new smartphones from the Cupertino house could arrive on the market with one “eSIM only” variantinitially intended to complement the traditional versions.

The transition to eSIM, also considering the growing diffusion of this technology, seems inevitable and Apple intends to invest more and more in this sector. In the future, therefore, iPhones could only be eSIMs, with the definitive abandonment of the SIM Card slot and the possibility of using multiple virtual SIMs on your smartphone.

The iPhones 14 could usher in the transition. Only in the next few years, however, could the definitive transition to a new virtual standard be registered. More details on the possible eSIM-only variant of the iPhone 14 could arrive in the coming weeks.

The new smartphones will debut during the month of September. Recall that the iPhone 14 range will consist of four variants with the new 14 Plus version that will replace the Mini.

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