Apple introdurrà un Diario per la salute fisica e mentale in iOS 17 thumbnail

Apple will introduce a Physical and Mental Health Diary in iOS 17

Apple will introduce a Physical and Mental Health Diary in iOS 17 thumbnail

Apple is reportedly developing a new Diary app, which will arrive with iOS 17. This app will allow iPhone owners to write down their daily thoughts and activities. A way to keep track of your mental and physical health.

Apple will launch a Journal in iOS 17, for mental and physical health

iPhone will have its own Diary. The Wall Street Journal revealed it, citing internal company documents. The app will aim to improve the physical and mental health of users with iOS 17. L‘app, code call Jurassicit will propose itself as an alternative to other existing journaling apps on the market, such as Day One.

The app fits into Apple’s strategy to focus on mental health. And it will be able to help users monitor their daily routine. The app will use some sensors to understand how users behave during the day. For example, how much time they spend at home or in other places. Furthermore, the app will be able to recognize the physical presence of other people near the user.

apple releases ios 16.3.1 min

According to documents consulted by the WSJ, the app will have a di customization that will suggest possible topics on which users can write, such as a physical exercise. The app will have the advantage of accessing much more user data than third-party apps. And it can integrate with SMS messages and phone calls. However, it appears that privacy and security will come first when creating the software.

The application will carry out the analysis of the user’s day and the system will keep suggestions for four weeks before deleting them. It is not yet known when the app will be available. But it could be announced during the iOS 17 presentation at WWDC in June. And it could be one of the novelties of the new operating system.

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