Apple lancerà un MacBook Air con display OLED da 13 pollici nel 2024 thumbnail

Apple will launch a MacBook Air with a 13-inch OLED display in 2024

According to the latest rumors, Apple will introduce a MacBook Air 13 inch con display OLED in the 2024. OLED technology will also come on iPad Proboth 11 and 12.9 inches, according to the analyst’s statements Ross Young.

Apple, a MacBook Air with 13-inch OLED display in 2024

Ross Younga display expert familiar with Apple’s supply chain, tweeted to his followers on Sunday that Apple is banking on OLED technology for the upcoming MacBook Air, as well as iPad Pros.

The analyst didn’t add any other details, but later in the year he explained that Apple would be working with companies working in the supply chain to Double layer OLED. There will therefore be two levels of emissions of red, green and blue, which should increase the brightness of the displays (usually a weak point of OLEDs) without increasing energy consumption.

The displays should also have ProMotion technology, which allows a variable refresh rate up to 120Hz. The iPad Pros already have ProMotion from 24Hz to 120Hz, while this would be the first MacBook Air to use it: the technology is present in the most recent MacBook Pros.

At present, there are no Macs or iPads that use OLED technology. MacBook Airs have LCD screens, while the latest iPad Pro with 12.9-inch screen uses mini-LED technology. However, the self-illuminating pixels of the OLED should provide greater contrast and longer battery life, even if they are more complex to produce.

The interest in this technology from Apple seems to increase, with several voices who think that Apple wants to adopt this type of screen. But to have definitive confirmations, we should wait for news from Cupertino.

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