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Apple will launch the Mixed Reality headset at WWDC in June

Apple he was aiming to throw his own mixed reality headset already this spring ap – maybe march or april – but it seems instead that it will launch the device at WWDC 2023the developer conference to be held in June.

Apple’s mixed reality headset is coming to WWDC 2023

The news comes from Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, very close to the Cupertino environment. But Gurman explains that until a few weeks ago Apple executives were aiming for a launch in March or April, to give the right space to the product with an exclusive event.

The change comes due to engineering problems related to software and hardware, which Apple is still perfecting. But according to Gurman, the World Wide Developer Congress 2023 pcould become the perfect opportunity for this new device.

apple wwdc 2022A shot from Cupertino for last year’s WWDC

Apple’s first mixed reality headset should cost around $3,000 – a figure justified by the technologies present such as pass-through cameras, hand and eye control (without controller) even for typing in the air. In short, Apple has done things big.

So much so that, at least for this first generation, the device will be more for experts and programmers, who will see how to best use these new technologies. It will still take years for average users to start replacing iPhone with headset features: at least initially it will be a product for experts and companies.

Apple also has the challenge of selling this product, without focusing on the metaverse hype of Meta and distinguishing itself from a set for video games like PlayStation VR. The difference will be made by the applications available on the device, which could make Apple Reality Pro (and future headsets) more useful. How it happened for the App Store which since 2008 for iPhone and since 2010 for iPad has revolutionized the mobile world.

Apple for the success of this product needs developers. And then he could present it to them at WWDC 2023.

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