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Apple will slow hiring in the next year

Almost unexpected news for Apple Incwhich plans to slow down the growth in hiring and spending in some divisions for the next year. The reason? The fear of a potential economic recession, according to reports from some people close to the company. More in detail, it seems to be a strategy adopted to better deal with the most uncertain periods. Although it is not clear when they will arrive.

Apple Inc will slow investment in hiring and personnel management

Apple Inc seems to be running for cover even before any problems whatsoever can occur. The idea is to slow down hiring and investing in some specific teams starting next year. Although the Cupertino company has already planned a series of rather important launches for 2023, starting with the mixed reality viewer, which will be the first big news from 2015 to today. Despite this, Apple seems determined to be decidedly more cautious about its business strategy.

Still, the company’s shares are dropped by 2.1% at $ 147.07 after Bloomberg revealed slowdown, marking the largest decline in nearly three weeks. Overall, stocks fell 17% over the year, remaining in line with what is happening in the global market. Precisely for this reason, other tech giants have also chosen to slow down hiring and safeguard the budget. Alphabet, Amazon, Meta and Snap, to name a few. Indeed, it must be considered that companies like Microsoft and Tesla have resorted to job cuts to resolve the issue. A solution that Apple Inc has never chosen to adopt.

From what we know, in fact, for 2023 the company will limit itself to offering to selected teams a small budget compared to that of previous years. Furthermore, the company the staff will not increasewhile he would normally have hired between 5% and 10% more employees. On the other hand, it is hardly a secret that Apple has faced quite a few supply chain problems this year. Therefore, choosing to slow down on hiring and personnel management is an almost obligatory choice. It remains only to see what will really happen.

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