Apple will teach iPhone to use your voice

Apple insegnerà ad iPhone a usare la vostra voce thumbnail

Later this year, Apple will bring your voice to iPhone: you can use your “Personal Voice” for various activities on all Apple products. And that’s not the only new thing coming this fall, as an update to the operating systems.

Apple will bring your voice to iPhone: Personal Voice arrives

The functionality Personal Voice it should allow those who have lost the ability to express themselves clearly or confidently to communicate easily with the world and the people who inhabit it.

Apple hasn’t specified exactly when users will be able to try these tools, but the company often rolls out features like these before they’re available in Apple new versions of its iOS, iPadOS and macOS software, which are usually released in the fall.

Personal voice allows you to create a voice that sounds like your own in messages, after providing 15 minutes of voice samples. You will therefore have to test the feature for some time before you can take full advantage of it. The sample will be tied to your device and won’t make it online – a privacy issue, which however will force you to repeat the process on Mac, iPhone, iPad and more.

The function Live speech instead it allows you to type messages and comments on an iPhone, iPad or Mac so that the device can say them aloud. Even setting several phrases as shortcuts.

Assisted access instead it takes all the visual clutter out of the iPhone and iPad to give people a super easy way to interact with their device. Apple has also simplified the operation of other common phone functions: instead of asking you to make calls and FaceTime calls from different apps, you can set up a handful of favorite contacts for quick access. In short, several innovations for accessibility for all Apple users.