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Apple won’t increase ads on iPhone (for now)

A new report suggests that Apple have (for now) no intention of increase the ads on iPhone a lot, contradicting previous rumors. Apple is increasing its revenues derived from Ads, but it has no intention of forcing its hand.

Apple does not currently increase advertising on the iPhone

A new report from The Information reports that Apple currently has no plans to dramatically increase advertising on the iPhone. In the report, it is reported that Cupertino is currently satisfied with the amount of revenue from advertising.

This directly contradicts what Bloomberg had recently claimed. Apple’s expert analyst, Mark GurmanIndeed, he said that Apple would like to increase your advertising business threefold. Which unlike what happens to rivals such as Google or Meta, is not Cupertino’s main source of income, on the contrary.

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In the report by The Information we also read that Apple would have evaluated in 2018 to add advertising in Spotilight, during searches. But the project would have been scrapped.

The report also explains that within the company the advertising group is not well regarded, with other engineers (and even some team members) they would like Apple not to focus on these revenues from Ads.

Recently the Apple has indeed introduced advertising on App Store, one in the “Today” tab and the other at the bottom of the other developer’s product page. However, after complaints from some developers, Apple has blocked ads related to gambling and other categories.

Another point of discussion concerns the question App Tracking Trasparency (ATT), with some developers saying Apple tracks user data for advertising. However, The Information’s report confirms Apple’s version, which claims that the data is only useful for improve user experience and not for ads.

So it seems that for the time being, Apple will be taking a conservative approach to announcements. But in the future? What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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