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Apple working on a 20-inch MacBook with foldable display

Apple he would be working on a MacBook from the huge screen, from 20 incheswhich would become more easily transportable thanks to a display pieghevole. But it seems the product, if it ever arrives, won’t for the next three years at least.

Apple wants to launch a 20″ MacBook with a foldable display

Ming-Chi Kuoone of the reference analysts for rumors about Applebrought out one interesting news for MacBooks. According to Kuo, within three years we could see the debut of a MacBook from 20 inches with a screen folding. A way to have office monitor dimensions, but in a portable format.

Apple would like to release a 20.3 inch MacBook with a foldable screen by 2027. This is not isolated news, with other industry insiders such as display industry analyst Ross Young and Korean website The Elec reporting similar information (gathered by MacRumors).

Currently, the MacBook Pro from 16 inches It’s the largest laptop designed in Cupertino — at least since 2012, when Apple eliminated the 17-inch version. The idea of ​​the new foldable MacBook suggests a screen that unfolds up to 20 inches when fully open. A format that several companies are exploring, albeit with smaller formats.

The analyst clarified that, at the moment, the MacBook from 20 inches it would be theunique foldable product from Apple with a clear roadmap. In other words, we shouldn’t expect a iPhone o one iPad foldable in the near future. And knowing Apple, even for the MacBook it is not the last one: if the product does not have sufficiently high standards, it could postpone or cancel it even at the last one. We will keep you informed.

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