iOS 16: tutte le novità del nuovo aggiornamento per iPhone thumbnail

Apple working on iOS 16.1

A few days after the release of iOS 16, Apple is already working on iOS 16.1, already available in the developer beta. As you can imagine, the update brings with it a lot of new features, including the display of the battery percentage for all iPhone models that have not received it with iOS 16. Among them theiPhone‌ XR, l’iPhone 11, l’iPhone 12 mini e l’iPhone 13 mini. And that’s not all. Curious to know what awaits you, iOS users?

iOS 16.1: all the news coming soon

As anticipated, iOS 16.1 will give users lots of news, especially as regards the customization options. By clicking on the “Customize” item on the lock screen, in fact, you can choose whether to change this same screen or the Home one, as well as decide to change the background or add a gradient without necessarily accessing the settings. An interesting novelty, which is accompanied by other minor ones.

iOS 16.1

With iOS 16.1, for example, it will be possible eliminare l’App Apple Wallet. And not only. The support for Matter and the option Clean Energy Charging for recharging the battery: by activating it, the iPhone will reduce the carbon footprint of its owner. Finally, when you take a screenshot using the iPhone, you will now see the options to save or delete the images moved up. In short, lots of news that we will see as soon as Apple decides to officially release the new update.

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