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Apple working on larger screen iMac Pro

Apple would be working on at least two new iMac Pro modelsboth with the series on M3 . chip: one of these should have a larger screen, from 27-28 inches. The new computers are expected to debut in 2023.

Apple working on larger screen iMac pro with M3 chip

The information comes from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, always accurate in reporting rumors. Especially with regard to Apple, which he knows very well. According to inside information, Apple’s engineers are working to two different iMac Pro models, both of which are equipped with the next generation of M3 chips. That should arrive in 2023.

Gurman explains that: “I believe Apple is working on an iMac with a larger screen for the professional market. I imagine this model will use a variant of the M3 chip, probably an M3 Pro and an M3 Max.”

According to Gurman, there is still a slice of professionals who don’t need a Mac Studio with Apple Studio Display, and instead they prefer the all-in-one version. “This choice would match the chips inside the MacBook Pro. I don’t think the combination of a Mac Studio or Mac mini plus an Apple Studio Display cannibalizes it, especially for a certain slice of pro users.”

There is currently a 24-inch iMac, as the 27-inch Intel model is no longer on the market. It therefore seems likely that Apple wants to replace this screen cut with a 27 or 28-inch display for the next iMac Pro.

The new M3 chip could use a TSMC 3-nanometer process, allowing for better performance to the Pro and Max chips that Apple would put into these models. But to find out we would have to wait until at least 2023.

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