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Apple working to fix horizontal lines bug on iPhone 14 Pro Max

Apple he recognized the bug reported by some users of iPhone 14 Pro Maxwho saw the appearance of horizontal lines while turning on the smartphone. Cupertino engineers have set to work to verify what is happening.

Apple wants to fix the bug of horizontal lines on the iPhone 14 Pro Max screen

MacRumors reported complaints last month several iPohne 14 Pro Max userswhich they had seen appear on their smartphone of yellow or green horizontal lineswhich appeared when turning on the device.

In a memo, Apple acknowledged the problem and assessed that it doesn’t come from a hardware problem: users who have just purchased the device can rest assured. A future update should solve the problem and remove this annoyance during the ignition phase.

iphone 14 pro display horizontal lines bug min MacRumors user Infernoqt and Reddit user u/1LastOutlaw

At the moment Apple is working to iOS 16.3 tests, which some users and programmers are already testing in beta. However, the update shouldn’t arrive until the next few weeks. So Apple would have plenty of time to bring a new fix for this bug. At the moment, however, there is no confirmation that it will arrive with the next update.

Apple might too release the fix in a possible iOS 16.2.1, meant only to solve the problem. Cupertino has already released updates only to fix software problems, so it wouldn’t be an absolute novelty. But since the problem is not clear, it is difficult to evaluate the timing of the release.

The advice is always to carry out security and bug resolution updates, to ensure better usability of your messages.

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