Apple works with Hollywood directors on AR viewer content

FaceTime in realtà virtuale sul nuovo visore di Apple thumbnail

Incredible news for Apple’s mixed reality headset. According to what leaked on the Net, in fact, the Cupertino company is “recruiting” Hollywood directors such as Jon Favreau to create video content for the new device. More specifically, the New York Times anticipated that the director is developing an experience he brings on the viewer the dinosaurs of Prehistoric Planet, the original Apple TV + series. And this would be just one of the many new features expected for the Apple headset.

The Apple headset will have content made by Hollywood directors

Eyes on Apple’s headset, “due to ship next year” – at least according to reports from Mark Gurman and the Times -. Although it is not yet clear whether or not the device will be among the novelties announced at WWDC 2022, nothing else is talked about on the Net. On the other hand, the same Times states that Apple plans to announce new software tools that would allow developers to add more camera and voice features to their apps.

In this way, the company creates the framework for navigable experiences even without a visual interface. And citing “two people familiar with the project”, the newspaper reiterates that Apple is facing “ongoing challenges” with the battery life of the headset. Enough to convince the company to postpone its launch. A supposition also confirmed by Bloomberg, who spoke of overheating problems of the viewer. Beyond that, it is undeniable that the company is doing everything to launch a perfect device. And the collaboration with Hollywood directors fits perfectly into the plans.