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Apple’s AR glasses are still a long way off

Apple’s AR glasses would still be a long way off, as anticipated by the well-known insider Mark Gurman by Bloomberg. The Cupertino company, in fact, is encountering numerous difficulties in development. The latest estimates confirm that it will be necessary to wait a long time to complete the work and get to the launch. The prototypes would still not be satisfactory.

It still takes years to record the debut of Apple’s AR glasses

Managing VR, especially with a light, wearable device, isn’t easy. These problems are mainly caused by energy consumption which cannot exceed very specific limits to avoid overheating of the viewers.

To run into this problem is also Apple which would still seema long way from being able to launch AR glasses. According to Mark Gurman, in fact, it will take at least another four years of development to arrive at a production model.

The work is still very long. According to the latest report, Apple has not made significant progress in recent years in its goal of developing truly complete AR glasses that can best fit into the company’s product ecosystem.

The road, therefore, is still uphill. Meanwhile, the Cupertino-based company plans to launch a viewer (much larger and more difficult to transport than AR glasses) which should make its official debut at the next edition of WWDC in June.

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