Apple’s AR headset focuses on gaming

Il visore AR/VR di Apple funzionerà solo vicino a un iPhone o Mac thumbnail

Apple will launch a headset in 2022 for augmented (AR) and virtual (VR) reality, which will focus on gaming, i media and the communication. App Store games, Apple TV + content, and FaceTime video calling are all set for a major technological leap.

Apple’s AR / VR headset focuses on gaming, media and communication

Recently, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo explained that Apple is designing this new viewer with the idea that, in about 10 years, can replace the use of iPhone for everyday use. But second Mark Gurman, the first generation arriving in 2022 will be far less ambitious.

In fact, instead of replacing the Apple products that are still the most popular, it will focus on some features where it can give “an edge”. We are talking about gaming, of the multimedia products such as movies and VR experiences and finally of the communication. Three areas in which mixed reality (AR + VR) has already been used by other companies with success. And that could make a technological leap to Apple products.

A render of the Apple AR headset

“Gaming should be a strong focus of the machine, especially since it will have multiple processors, one fan, one extremely high resolution display and its App Store. Expect to see Apple position the device as every game developer’s dream. Then, the media consumption. I expect Apple to work with gods media partner to create content that can be watched in VR on the device. Third, communication. Expect Animojis e a VR experience of FaceTime sare the new generation of Zoom, ”Gurman writes.

The device is expected to start production in the spring of next year, and then roll out in the last three months from 2022. Apple expects great things from this headset. We will keep you updated for any new rumors about this product, which promises to be really interesting.