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Apple’s Mixed Reality headset may require AirPods for audio

One of the products arriving in 2023 is precisely the Apple headset for mixed reality, so called because it combines the virtual and the augmented ones. But, apparently, it will have to be used together with cuffie AirPods for audio output.

Apple Headset with Mixed Reality: The details

After many years of development, this year the most awaited Apple brand product will finally arrive: the mixed reality headset. It seems, however, that the audio is not included. For this reason, at the time of use, it will also be necessary to use the Latest generation AirPods Pro.

This is because inside there is the chip H2 which secretly supports a low-latency transmission mode present within the headset, designed to work in collaboration with the aforementioned chip.

Despite the obligation to use earphones, the company’s viewer will have built-in audio to let those who are not wearing the viewer hear what is happening. Also, it seems that other wireless headphones cannot be used as there is too much delay between what users hear and what they see.

The strap

apple visore ar/VR 2023

Il strap of the Apple viewer was made of the same material with which the Apple Watch straps are made, therefore also interchangeable and customizable. Unlike, however, that the headset straps contain electronic components and batteries.

Technical features

The technical characteristics of the viewer are composed of a display 4K micro-LED for each eye, one screen facing out showing your facial expressions to other people, up to a dozen cameras and other sensors.

User input it should mostly come from hand gestures and voice recognition. It also seems that the company has also tested accessory controllers such as a “thimble” and a “wand,” but it’s unclear whether these devices are already in development.

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