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Apple’s mixed reality headset will arrive in early 2023

Apple's mixed reality headset will arrive in early 2023 thumbnail

According to ETNews, the launch of the alleged Apple’s mixed reality viewer would be expected for the beginning of 2023but a second generation model with substantial updates is already in development for 2024. In short, there are not a few innovations in the house of the Cupertino company.

Apple: The headset for mixed reality will arrive next year, and it will not be alone

Interesting updates on Apple’s headset. Apparently, the company’s suppliers are preparing to start production in the fourth quarter of 2022, so as to launch the device in early 2023. Although it appears that the initial production volume will not be that high. In any case, the news circulating on the Net confirms what we knew about the viewer. Will have un display micro-OLED provided by Sony and LG Display which will boast a slim design and good energy efficiency, three modules 3D detection by LG Innotek and a low-mid spec camera made by a Chinese supplier.

Apple’s headset will focus about entertainment and games, but will effectively serve as a test device to prepare the market for a better second-generation product, which ETNews says is already in development. According to rumors, this new headset will be released on the market in 2024. And it will have a lighter design, the ability to make calls, and ultra-high-definition cameras from LG Innotek. In short, a significantly improved version of the product that we expect on the market next year. On the other hand, Apple plans to differentiate its augmented reality and virtual reality devices from other companies such as Meta, Sony and Google for better usability, content and portability. And it appears to be on the right track to do so.

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