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Apple’s new Display Studio also works with Windows

Apple presented at his event Peek Perfomance the new Display Studioa monitor 5K by 27 inches with quality camera, microphone and speaker. A great product to combine with the new powerful Mac Studio for all professionals. But they will be able to connect the new one Studio Display even to a Windows computerwhile giving up some functionality.

Apple’s Studio Display also works with Windows

While the new Display Studio has been billed as an extra asset to the Apple ecosystem, it seems like you don’t have to connect it to Apple’s computers only. In fact The Verge asked the Cupertino team if it is possible to connect the new monitor also to a PC with Windows 10 or 11, getting a positive response.

When you connect the Studio Display via the Thunderbolt connection to your PC, it will be recognized as a normal display. The webcam also gives 12MP will work in Window appss, along with the three microphones and six speakers that make the audio-video department of this monitor unique. But not all functions will be present, because they are macOS exclusives.

Apple Studio Display Magic Trackpad Keyboard Mouse

We are talking about functionality Center Stage, which fixes the shot during FaceTime video calls. But also the possibility of activating the voice assistant Sirias well as support Spatial Audio e Dolby Atmos for speakers.

Many creatives have chosen macOS as the operating system to work. But maybe they also use a Windows laptop for when they are on the go, or they have a gaming PC on which they want to try the new Apple monitor. In this case they will be able use the Studio Display as a monitor.

More difficult, however, to justify the purchase if you work on Windows. If you have a PC that supports the 5K you can see the pictures in high resolution at 60Hz. And use the extra display ports. But without the smart features guaranteed by the processor A13 Bionic fbears it is worth spending i 1.799 euro which costs Display Studio on another monitor.

But in any case, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the new display on Windowsif you choose to do so.

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