Apple’s Vision: iPhone 15 and its role in the Apple Vision Pro ecosystem

Apple prepara un visore meno costoso: meno sensori, risoluzione e processore più lento thumbnail

After the announcement of the release of the headset Vision Pro, Apple has stated that it intends to create a chip which will allow integration between the first virtual and augmented reality viewer and the next one iPhone 15. In order for this to happen, important will be needed updates hardware that allow for better integration between the two devices.

Vision Pro and iPhone 15: greater integration thanks to the Ultra Wideband chip

The improvement coming to the iPhone 15 chip was heralded by Ming-Chi Kuo, an expert in the technological field and in particular of Apple. It would seem that the next apple phone could be equipped with chip Ultra Wideband. In this way, the update allows for better communication and integration with Apple Vision Pro.

The new Ultra Wideband chip would have a manufacturing process from 7 nm: this allows greater functionality and energy consumption reduced by a lot. The chip U1 was launched with iPhone 11. It hasn’t received any updates since. The arrival of the new iPhone could mean a change of course: it seems the time has come dell’upgrade.

He Wi-Fi 7

A further improvement also seems to be in the pipeline with the release of the iPhone 16, which could have the Wi-Fi 7. What is it about? It is a technology that promises a huge improvement in data transfer speed. Perfect, therefore, for a device connected to mixed reality.

Apple Vision Pro

One of the most innovative features of Apple Vision Pro is its control system gesture-based, which allows users to interact with digital content using hands, eyes and voice. This means that you don’t need to use any external devices to browse apps, watch movies, take photos and more.

Apple’s presentation at WWDC 2023 and first impressions from reviewers proved that the new controls work for Vision Pro. To select an option on the display, just look at the desired item and then tap your fingers together. To scroll through a web page or list, just do a quick movement with the hand. To dictate a text or use Siri, that’s it look at the microphone button and then speak.

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