Apprentice Bard is Google’s answer to ChatGPT

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Google has announced that it will hold a live event next week, on February 8, discussing future applications of theartificial intelligence (AI) within its own search engine. The company is therefore thinking of exploiting the technology to optimize the experience of users who search for information on the web.

News that doesn’t actually come unexpected. Already in the last call on fourth quarter earnings, the CEO Sundar Pichai had announced plans to leverage AI language learning models for the company’s services. The result is that Google may soon implement ChatGPT-like bots.

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Google is about to launch its AI chatbot: Apprentice Bard

According to the Androidauthority portal ChatGPT would represent a real threat to the Google search engine. CNBC reports that, to run around, Google is testing its own similar chatbot called Apprentice Bard. This will be able to answer questions asked by users in a conversational way, just like ChatGPT. It is also believed that Google wants to integrate a similar bot into its web search capabilities as well.

A definitive confirmation of these hypotheses should arrive during the event scheduled for February 8, 2023 in live streaming on YouTube. In Italy, due to the time zone, it will be broadcast live on the night of February 9, at 02:30. Google said (via The Verge) that it wants to “use the power of artificial intelligence to reinvent the way people search, explore and interact with information on the web, returning results that are more natural and intuitive than ever”.

In the meantime, AI has also begun to move its steps in the world of music. An artificial intelligence has appeared on the net capable of creating songs beyond Drake, while the legendary singer-songwriter Nick Cave has not too much appreciated the lyrics “written” by ChatGPT.

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