AQL Typhoon review: Cellularline’s top Bluetooth speaker

Through this review we will examine lunge AQL Typhoon: Cellularline’s top-of-the-range Bluetooth speaker

And we have come to the end of the triptych of reviews dedicated to AQL: the high quality brand of Cellularline dedicated to audio products. After analyzing first the Escape earphones and then the Kyma headphones, we are ready to give you our opinions on one speaker Bluetooth.

AQL Typhoon in fact it is proposed as the top-of-the-range case of the Italian company. Proposal at a price not so high promises full-bodied bass, a reproduction that can reach 10 hours and much more. If it has exceeded our expectations, however, you will find out in this review!

Build Quality and Aesthetics – AQL Typhoon Review

The packaging is, this time, less sophisticated than expected. The box presents an image of our speaker in plain sight on the front, enriched by some description and with the various specifications shown on the back. At the top, however, we have a taste of the case in real size. Cash box that we will find in front of us once the pack is opened, with a small cardboard box underneath.

The accessories that come with the product are few but good. In addition to shoulder bag already inserted we will have the classic instruction booklets, with a 3.5 jack to jack cable it’s a USB cable on one side and Micro-USB on the other (for recharging), heralding a shortage of AQL Typhoon.

Let’s move on to the analysis of the case, which surprised us with regard to the build quality and (going more on the subjective) aesthetics. Covered with a woven fabric, AQL Typhoon has a cylindrical shape more flattened towards the center. Hers is a truly minimal look, with i three keys set directly into the body borderless, and a led under the fabric, in the center of the ON / OFF button. A rubber insert on the back covers the two entrances. Same rubber present in the base on the bottom. The small and elegant AQL logo is placed in the center, on the front. The two passive diaphragms, positioned respectively in the final parts, on the sides of the case, also present the company logo.

The materials used are really well made. From the fabric that acts as a shell to the opaque rubber present in various sections, everything gives the idea that this is a really neat product. The only drawback is though base that, despite being aesthetically valid and in line with the checkout, it is not very stable. In the upper part we have the two hooks that allow you to anchor the shoulder strap which can be stored in case we do not need it. We really appreciated this feature which, in addition to being well finished, has a velvety inner part. This allowed us to comfortably carry it around. This is then combined with the possibility of hanging it: an aspect that should not be underestimated.

Dimensions and weight

  • Width: 28cm
  • Maximum depth: 12cm
  • Max height: 12cm
  • Weight: 1.74 Kg.

Let’s see the various features – AQL Typhoon review

Let’s start with one of the most interesting specifications of AQL Typhoon: theIPX7 waterproof. This type of protection not only makes it possible to resist splashing water, but also to dives up to one meter deep. This is particularly advantageous in any pool parties for example. Being able to put it under running water is also very useful for cleaning the box itself. The two entrances on the back are protected by a hermetic rubber seal a bit difficult to open, but which will at least keep the hardware safe.

Her 3600mAh battery has guaranteed us a respectable playing time. In fact, we almost never keep it at maximum volume exceeded 10 hours of playback. Recharging unfortunately takes place through aentrata Micro-USB which, as we mentioned before, is now an exceeded standard. To fully recharge AQL Typhoon it will take about 4 hours, starting from a completely discharged battery.

The speaker can be connected to our devices in several ways. The classic one involves the use of Bluetooth in this case implemented in its version 4.2. Here too we unfortunately do not have the latest standard or at least version 5.0. However, we did not encounter any connection problems and the range of up to 10 meters is sufficient. We do not deny that we would have liked to have had more up-to-date technology.

As already stated, the case it can also be connected via a 3.5 AUX cable. We were surprised by the possibility of being able to use theNFC, which will allow our smartphone to automatically connect to the speaker by touching the latter. The keys present are a total of 4. In addition to the 3, placed at the top, we have one next to the various entrances in the back. This essentially serves to be able connect two Typhoons running TWS: a feature that we have not been able to try but certainly appreciable.

Let’s now see the various commands that can be activated through the three upper buttons:

  • Press and hold the ON / OFF button for 3 seconds until the blue LED lights up: turn the speaker on / off.
  • Briefly press the ON / OFF button: play / pause the song or answer / end a call.
  • Press the minus key (-) to lower the volume e more (+) to raise it.
  • Press and hold the key less (-) for the previous song e more (+) for the next song.
  • Briefly press the TWS button to pair two AQL Typhoons.

Sound Quality – AQL Typhoon Review

AQL Typhoon is a Bluetooth speaker that can deliver up to 30watt of output power. The protective shell hides well due driver in the front, in charge of reproducing the mid and high frequencies in the best possible way. The bass takes care of the bass instead two passive diaphragms placed on the sides. Although the shape may be misleading, the sound is unidirectional and it comes right from the front, where the two speakers are.

Although there is no possibility to equalize it by default, the sound is well balanced and perhaps slightly marked on the high frequencies. Once the volume is medium to high, But, the bass will become fuller thanks to the diaphragms that come into operation. The maximum volume of this Typhoon is really high and, against all odds, we did not notice any particular distortions, just a tendency to emphasize the lows and the highs. In general, therefore, by playing a little with the place and surface on which to place our Typhoon, you can have truly surprising results.

As already spoiled by the commands, it will also be possible to answer any calls thanks to the built-in microphone that yes, it will capture some background noises but at least it will not be essential to have to disconnect your smartphone every time we receive a call.

Let’s sum it up

AQL Typhoon is not a very recent speaker, released at the end of 2019. For this reason there is for example the Micro-USB input so hated in recent times. It is true that the Type-C standard was already very popular at that time, so we consider it a negative point.

Even though its list price is € 99.95, the fact that it has been out for quite some time allows you to find it in different shops with a discount of 20 €. With all sincerity, offered at this price it is a best-buy that, despite its not too small size, is able to offer a good, clean sound even at high volume. We would therefore like to recommend this product to users who are looking for a beautiful resistant case, not really suitable for travel, but which manages to be versatile in home or party situations.

Points in favor

  • Good sound quality
  • Really comfortable shoulder strap
  • Various connection possibilities
  • Aesthetically and qualitatively excellent
  • IPX7 waterproof

Points against

  • It has a Micro-USB input
  • Bluetooth v4.2
  • Dimensions not too small