Amazon Connect: a new operator in the field of mobile telephony?

Amazon Connect, what is it all about? Very simple, since the reference is to a brand new mobile phone service which, as you can easily guess, is headed by the global giant Amazon

In fact, we could have expected a similar novelty, especially since we are talking about the latest gimmick of one of the most powerful, creative and richest men in the world, namely Jeff Bezos. The boss of the well-known online commerce portal, has decided to remove the veils from a very interesting novelty, which is aimed at the mobile phone sector.

We are referring to Amazon Connect. What is it about? Very simple, since the reference is to a brand new mobile phone service which, as you can easily guess, belongs to the global giant Amazon.

Up to now, Amazon has been able to reveal this news thanks also to the OK that has arrived from the MSE, or the Ministry of Economic Development, which approved the giant’s request to take the field in the electronic communications services sector, launching a new telephone system that can be accessed by the public.

As has been well explained on the portal, in fact, this should soon land in Italy too brand new mobile operator, which belongs precisely to Amazon, and which could also revolutionize this sector.

What is Amazon Connect

Up to now, in reality, very few indications have come from the web that refer to this innovative telephone service that Amazon intends to offer on the Italian market. The only rumors that are circulating online, however, suggest how this new service, which will be called Amazon Connect, will allow users to make, as well as receive of course, calls using the numbers that are already used in the country of reference, so as by exploiting the various networks of classic operators in the mobile telephony sector.

If these rumors were to be confirmed in the facts, here is that Amazon Connect will try to launch into mobile phone business, trying to leverage a particularly convincing argument, definitely attractive to consumers, namely the prices of tariffs.

In fact, it is to be believed that the Amazon Connect service will be offered with remarkably affordable rates for users, but there will also be many attractive promotions and offers for customers, with the aim of clearing the field and leaving all the other operators a bit dry, who undoubtedly are beginning to be worried that such a giant could outperform the competition.

The sims will not be tied to Amazon Prime

It should be pointed out, however, as there will be no connection with the Amazon Prime subscription. Although in reality it cannot be considered an option to be abandoned permanently, since it is not known what could happen in the future.

In fact, Amazon could choose to change the face of the sector, launching phone sims that could be linked in some way to the Prime subscription. A service, the latter, which is achieving stratospheric success all over the world and which can boast the beauty of well over 200 million subscribers worldwide. And, with such a novelty, it could make a further qualitative leap.

In fact, for the moment, the request to the MISE derives from the fact that Amazon will offer the possibility of including a completely specific contact center option in the package that is sold to companies for the management of various activities.

A recent survey revealed, for example, that in England many users, almost 12% of British respondents, would like to change operator in a rush to be able to welcome Amazon as a new company. The survey, which was carried out by the giant of the DecTech sector, revealed how customers would increase by as much as 25% should Amazon decide to propose this new offer within Prime. Simply put, Amazon already has the potential to become the first operator on the UK mobile phone market.

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