Aragami 2: what it is and why give it a chance

Aragami 2: perché giocarlo thumbnail

A few days ago it came out Aragami 2, a sequel to the stealth game that arrived on our consoles in 2016 that retrieved the lesson of Tenchu. This second chapter was born as a direct follow-up to the new previous stealth journey and has been able to attract the attention of Microsoft, since it is available on the gamepass since day one. But what exactly is Aragami 2?

What is Aragami 2?

As we said, the first Aragami came out in 2016, developed by the guys from Lince Works. In the game we were called to take on the role of Aragami, a seasoned assassin with a wide range of otherworldly abilities. In terms of gameplay we are faced with an action game in third person with strong stealth characteristics, an element that differentiated him from many of his colleagues of the time.

The title, although it could be considered fairly derivative in several respects, had a good resonance from both the public and critics, an element that allowed the development of a sequel. Aragami 2 recovers all the main features of its predecessor, remaining at its base a third person stealth game, but the gameplay has been completely revolutionized.

In fact, although stealth is still present, it is immediately clear that Lince Works has opted for a more action-oriented combat system, partially following the playful formula of Ninja Gaiden. For the occasion, the studio also took the opportunity to completely revitalize the graphics sector and to insert the 3-player cooperative mode, previously limited to only two.

The approach to narration also changesaction, in the first chapter only slightly hinted at and which here turns out to be decidedly more accurate and not just a mere justification for the protagonist’s powers. We have cutscenes and an actual tale that slips between combat, which is certainly a step up from the causticity of the first Aragami’s narrative.

A renewed gameplay

Aragami has a vast arsenal of new moves at your disposal in this new action and combat adventure. In addition to a useful double jump, our protagonist will now be able to teleport, run and climb even vertically, climbing roofs and houses to always be in an advantageous position. There’s no shortage of hiding in tall grass to perform deadly stealth attacks.

One of the main novelties of the game, however, is undoubtedly to be found in theskill tree, which will allow us to develop our hero’s skills with much more freedom than in the first chapter. The unlockable actions are many and varied and many of which are also really fun to use in battle.

Much appreciated in terms of gameplay is the chance to play the game with two friends, an occasion in which it is possible to experiment with some aspects of the production unpublished, such as the need to coordinate attacks and to play as a team to complete the mission.

Finally, if you like Japanese action games with stealth elements this is definitely the game for you. Impossible not to make a comparison even with Ax in this regard, because the developers have inserted several game elements that refer directly to FromSoftware’s latest masterpiece.

And if you have an Xbox Game Pass subscription, giving Aragami 2 a chance is practically a moral obligation.