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Arc, the mobile browser that isn’t just a browser

If you are tired of the usual smartphone browsers, here comes Arc, the new mobile browser that promises to revolutionize the way you surf the web. Because it’s not a “Safari alternative” for iPhone. Instead it is a companion app with a thousand resources. Who wants to change the way we use the web.

Arc, the new mobile browser – which is so much more

The Browser Company wanted to create a browser that wasn’t just an alternative to Safari. Mainly because Safari is there – and almost everyone uses it on the iPhone. So he tried to bring the sidebar convenience of Arcthe Chromium-based browser for desktops, even on smartphones.

The idea remains that of a modular browser, which you can customize to your liking by adding or removing modules that offer different functions. A mix of bookmarks and apps to be launched directly from the browser, to bring together all your online life in a single space.

Archie, the mobile version of Arc, in its first trial version didn’t even have the ability to open tabs to search on Google. That’s what it is for Safari. Instead, find your “Spaces“, with the pages you visit most often or the most recent ones.

Then it becomes a link with the your Arc sidebar on your Mac with your iPhone. For example, you can search for a place on Google Maps and fix it in Arc on the Mac, and then find it immediately on the smartphone version. Which will open the application you want: essentially, it’s more of a new homepage than a browser.

It’s a new way to organize your online experience, whether on your computer or smartphone. All with great speed and lots of animations. The goal is to overhaul the browsing experience for the smartphone: instead of a miniature browser, Arc wanted to put experience at the centre. And listen to user feedback to improve the experience – but it wants to remain deliberately different from that of Safari.

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