Ark: Survival Evolved is available today on PC in early access

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Survival starts today, with Ark: Survival Ascended, available on PC in early access and with a special discount on Steam

The Unreal Engine 5 remake of the original, Ark: Survival Ascendedand today available in early access are PC through Steamwith an advantage 10% discount% for the first week. Following closely behind will be the versions for PS5, Xbox Series X e Xbox Series S next month. The development team and publisher announced it Studio Wildcardin conjunction with SnailGrove Street Games ed Instinct Games. The next-gen (or rather, current-gen) console versions were initially scheduled for a simultaneous launch, but the delay was due to “critical issues with multiplayer that would have serious implications on consoles.” The preliminary version includes the first official map, “The Island”, and the game will remain this way until 2024. The expansions of Survival Evolved will be released in steps.

Now that it’s available on PC, Ark: Survival Ascended’s early access promises to be incredible

The Steam description for Ark: Survival Ascended is full of details, so we’ll cut it short. The world full of dinosaurs is reborn on Unreal Engine 5, with our awakening on the mysterious island. It goes without saying, therefore, that water is simulated with unprecedented realism, and the same goes for all of physics. In terms of contents, all of the Ark worlds will return, including Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, and the two parts of Genesis, among others. We can customize our survivor and ride the dinosaurs, without forgetting the elements of survival such as food and water (to drink, this time), crops and more. The improvements quality-of-life abound, between new interfaces and dynamic navigation. It all involves cross-platformboth in terms of multiplayer and (perhaps more notable) content created by the community.

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