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Elden Ring: there will be no further DLC after Shadow of the Erdtree

DLC ends in the shadow of the tree: Elden Ring will not receive further downloadable content after Shadow of the Erdtree, confirms Miyazaki

The expansion Shadow of the Erdtree it will be the one and only DLC to pardon Elden Ring: the foreman confirmed it Hidetaka Miyazakiwho said he not wanting to create more. The award-winning action RPG, which we defined as “a new standard” in our review, therefore stops in the shade of the tree. The confirmation from the foreign sector press is due to the Chinese site Campfire Camp, in whose latest interview with the game designer (to whom we dedicated a special feature) the latter does not fail to repeatedly define downloadable content as “the first and the last”, as well as “the only one”. In short, many pointed statements, although that is not the sole purpose of the conversation. And not even the only outcome for the title from the two dads, we might add.

There won't be any more DLC after Shadow of the Erdtree, but isn't that the end of Elden Ring…?

Even without wanting to develop other DLC, Miyazaki also added that he doesn't necessarily want to stop with Shadow of the Erdtree regarding the world of Elden Ring. Without confirming anything, the game designer has in fact avoided denying himself a priori another game set in the Interregnum. Previously, Bandai Namco declared that the IP would touch “other areas” outside the mere gaming sphere. As for the development team FromSoftwarehowever, another title has been added to the already notable oeuvre of the developers with which to reawaken a hibernating franchise, namely Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon. We don't know of any other games in development, but things can always change. For now, we can only wait for day one: an appointment, in this sense, set for June 21st.

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