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Arlo solutions, for peace of mind even when returning to the office

Returning to the office can become a source of stress after the holidays: there is no need to add the thought of having to keep the house protected. For this the Arlo solutionspart of Verisureallow you to eliminate anxieties by showing you who owns the doorbell and monitoring the perimeter of the house even from a distance.

Arlo’s solutions for peace of mind and home protection

After resting on vacation you have to tto decorate the office. Maybe not always: it smart working it is increasingly adopted. But when you are away from home you can continue to protect it and keep everything under control.

For example with Arlo Essential Video Doorbell, a smart video intercom that allows you to see visitors at the entrance from your smartphone. In this way you can, for example, welcome your children back from school using the built-in speakers and microphones, even if you are still in the office. Or you can see who approaches the door. And maybe respond to the courier who brings a packageopening it and saying to leave it in front of the door (instead of throwing it or taking it back to the warehouse!).

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In addition to the video door phones, Arlo also offers security cameras such as Arlo Go 2an outdoor video camera that you can connect to the WiFi at home or even at the 4G SIM card to protect even the most remote areas without the need for cables.

The straight video is a colori e in 1080p, ensuring that you can see what’s going on in your home from your phone. Withstands the sun, rain, snow, cold. You can also activate the siren remotely to ward off the bad guys.

Arlo Essential Video Doorbell costs 199.99 euros, while the Arlo Go 2 costs 329.99 euros. You can also take advantage of service plans such as Arlo Secure e Arlo Secure Plus which have functions like Arlo Smart, to monitor the home with artificial intelligence and services at 30 degrees. More information on the Arlo website.

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