Aromatic plants at home without lifting a finger

La Grangette, l'esclusivo orto da interni offre una soluzione high-tech e di lusso thumbnail

Who has never dreamed of grown at home your own aromatic herbs and other similar plants, with which to enrich your dinners in a natural and tasty way? Well, now comes a new solution that makes this process super simple and high-tech. All while keeping an eye on the design, with a high quality product. We are talking about de La Grangette, a housewife greenhouse truly amazing.

La Grangette, the home greenhouse that does everything by itself

One glance is enough to grasp the uniqueness of this product, with an absolutely refined taste. We shouldn’t really be surprised: when design is entrusted to a big name like Pininfarina, it’s easy to expect great things. We are therefore faced with a structure made up of four shelves, enclosed by two vertically sliding glass doors. Just a light touch to open it and remain open-mouthed again, or rather with an open nose.

When we saw La Grangette at his official presentation in Milan, one of the first aspects that struck us was the scent it emanated. Of course this is due to the many aromatic plants that were now grown in this home greenhouse. A proof of the excellent results that can be obtained thanks to this tool and all without making any effort.

Yes, because this product is designed for simplify enormously the life of those who want to always have natural products available, grown at home, with which to give more flavor to their dinners, alone or with friends. The facility is therefore equipped with a series of technological tools, which make sure to offer the better conditions for the plants, taking care of it.

The light is managed by lamps to offer theideal lighting and the more suitable climate, kept constant thanks to the closure of the front doors. There is no need to water either the different plants: by connecting this home greenhouse to the water, it will automatically manage the hydration of the crops, supplying the exact quantity of nutrients to each one.

All of course managed via the app

But how does he know all this? The answer is simply via the accompanying application. When we are going to plant a new inhabitant of La Grangette (through ready-made packs with the earth, to be simply inserted in the appropriate holes) we will report on the software what plant it is and where we placed it. From here we will just have to wait, because our home greenhouse will take care of the rest. Our only task will be to intervene for collect the results when the time comes.

Of course to notify us when our plants will be ready will once again be applying, but not only. We also have the possibility to see at any time which herbs are already available, how long it will take for them to be ripe and even know the status of our cultivation in a few days. If you are planning a dinner with friends, you may already know which plants you can rely on and adapt the menu accordingly.

The reverse is also true of course. If you need a salad for a family lunch in a few days, you can ask the La Grangette application, which will suggest the best date to plant it so as to have it in ideal conditions at the right time. And these are only the main functions offered by the software, really designed to be an excellent companion for this home greenhouse.

Currently La Grangette is only available for pre-orders, with the first deliveries scheduled for next summer. It is evidently a product of great luxury as well the price reflects this. If you are interested in learning more about this incredible technological product, you can visit the official website and place your order. Don’t forget to invite us to dinner to test your crops!