Artificial intelligence and journalism: at CES 2023 AxiCom participated in the first reportage written through AI

Intelligenza Artificiale e giornalismo: al CES 2023 AxiCom ha partecipato al primo reportage scritto tramite IA thumbnail

AxiComthe global technology communications agency of the WPP Group, was involved in the creation of the first comprehensive report on CES 2023 written using artificial intelligence of the caliber of: ChatGPT e DaVinci3 (GPT 3.5) for texts, Stable Diffusion, Give her e Midjourney for illustrations.

The report supported by AxiCom sul CES: Qant CES Report 2023

This is the world debut of artificial intelligence in the world of journalism, subjecting these incredible tools to an unprecedented stress test.

The idea of ​​combining artificial intelligence and journalism was born very recently: created in August and launched in November 2022, “Qant: The Future of Digital” is the world’s first newsletter written and illustrated by robots controlled by two journalists.

Thanks to AxiCom, Qant arrived at CES managing to publish a special edition during the Las Vegas fair and a complete report – Qant CES Report 2023 – on the technological trends that will emerge thanks to the event.

The role of AxiCom

The collaboration with AxiCom was very important for the team Qantas it allowed to create the reference framework and examine and verify the results of the CES analysis which were then used for the report.

“Large natural language models (LLMs), which produce both text and images, are the biggest challenge to the journalism profession since the advent of the internet,” he explained Jean Rognetta, editor-in-chief and co-founder of Qant: “Together with journalism, they will upset the entire content creation, forcing everyone to return to the founding values: information and communication“.

The November presentation of ChatGPT has greatly attracted attention to the opportunities that a generative AI can offer. ChatGPTIn fact, it’s not just a word processor, but a AI capable of generating human-like text responses. And the full report on CES 2023 is just one of the many possibilities that this technology is preparing to experiment for the future.

“As we explore both the future of digital and journalism, what better event than CES to bring this experiment to life?” commented Francois Gobillot, managing director di AxiCom France e Benelux.

“Combining cutting-edge AI technology with the expertise of expert journalists, this report demonstrates the unprecedented possibilities that AI technologies offer when managed and curated by experts. We need to push towards the new, to explore the opportunities it offers and to harness its power. With this project we intend to start charting a path for the integration of AI technologies into the noble profession of journalism“.

Qant newsletter offers short and factual articles that fall under the large natural language models (LLM). With a report of over two hundred pages, Qant journalists have been able to push the robots to the limit of their potential, winning the challenge.