Billie Eilish, Pearl Jam e altri firmano una lettera contro l’uso dell’Intelligenza Artificiale in musica thumbnail

Artificial Intelligence and music: the appeal signed by the artists

In a world increasingly dominated by technological innovation, a group of more 200 musical artists and songwriters launched an appeal for responsibility in the use of technologies artificial intelligence (IA) in the field of music.

Music in the era of Artificial Intelligence: the letter signed by the artists

The initiative was born from Artist Rights Alliance (ARA), a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the rights of musicians. This issued a statement that urges AI technology makers to take an ethical stance regarding the development of artificially generated musical content.

The open letter, signed by the likes of Billie Eilish, Pearl Jam, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, R.E.M. e Imagine Dragons, highlights the potential of AI to enrich human creativity when used responsibly. However, he expresses concern about the risk that Artificial Intelligence could be used in ways that undermine the art and profession of musicians, replacing their work and negatively affecting their fair remuneration.

“Make no mistake: we believe that, when used responsibly, AI has enormous potential to advance human creativity, and in a way that enables the development and growth of new and exciting experiences for music fans everywhere. Unfortunately, some platforms and developers are employing AI to sabotage creativity and undermine artists, songwriters, musicians and rights holders.”

The ARA warns against instruments that, through training on existing pieces, are capable of generating new compositions, potentially harming artists. The dissemination of sounds and images generated by AI, without adequate control, could trigger a downward spiral in the value attributed to artistic workcompromising artists' ability to be fairly compensated.

“Unchecked, AI will set in motion a race to the bottom that will degrade the value of our work and prevent us from being adequately rewarded.”

This appeal comes at a crucial moment in the discussion on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on music (and beyond). Last September the Council of Music Makers (CMM) of the United Kingdom published five fundamental guidelines for companies who intend to develop artificial intelligence technologies for music.

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