Artlii Play Pro review: a smart portable projector to be discovered

In this article we will see the review of the Artlii Play Pro portable projector. This projector has a lot of features including a maximum resolution of 4K, Android TV 9.0, Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth and much more. Of course the price is not the lowest, but based on the general quality we can say that it does not cost that much. Are you curious? Let’s find out everything in this review dedicated to the projector dedicated to the Artlii Play Pro projector

In these months of pandemic, but above all of lockdown, we have realized that we have been missing very important things such as affections, friendships, hugs, handshakes and much more. One thing above all though (if you want even more frivolous than many others) is the impossibility of going to the cinema. What if I told you that now you can bring the cinema to your home?

It might seem almost an absurdity, an exaggeration and maybe in part it is … I can assure you, however, that thanks to the time spent in the company of this projector, thanks to the hours spent watching movies with this Artlii Play Pro I was able to breathe romantic and unique air that only cinema can convey.

High quality image, but transmitted on a screen (in my case on a wall) much more generous than a classic TV. However, it is not just a question of “size”, it is precisely the type of image that is different. The grain makes the difference. But now let’s put the romance aside and go back with our feet firmly on the ground, indeed on the sofa at home, to discover the strengths and weaknesses of this projector.

Artlii Play Pro review: a smart portable projector to be discovered

Artlii Play Pro: technical specifications

At the beginning we talked about a smart projector. All this is possible thanks to the technical specifications, the sockets that are supplied with the projector and above all thanks to the integrated Android operating system:

  • Operating system: Android TV 9
  • Connection: WiFi e Bluetooth
  • Memory: 2 GB (expandable)
  • Screen size: up to 180 inches
  • Image brightness: 200 Ansi lumens
  • Image contrast: 5000:1
  • Energy consumption: 75 watt
  • USB port: 2
  • Audio: stereo (two 5W speakers each), Dolby
  • Weight: About 1Kg

Aesthetics and construction | Artlii Play Pro Review

The projector you are reading about boasts a solid and sturdy construction despite the shell that covers it is almost completely made of plastic.

In the upper part we find a convenient menu management system which with 7 keys is very complete. Also in the upper part it is impossible not to notice the focus ring which despite being manual is immediate and simple to carry out, the circle closes with a leather-like shoulder strap designed to carry the Artlii Play Pro comfortably. Both sides we find instead a fabric covering that serves to hide the two 5 Watt speakers which are compatible with Dolby audio formats. On the right side we also find an air vent showing the cooling fan.

The bell0 resides in the back of the projector where we find a complete and interesting set of connections. In fact, we find two USB sockets, two HDMI inputs, an AV input (the cable is supplied together with an HDMI cable and the power supply cable) and an output for headphones. Finally we find a button for the ignition and the attack for the power supply.

On the front we obviously find the lens which is supplied with a practical protective cover and the sensor for receiving the signal for the remote control (also supplied).

Finally, on the bottom we find a flap to raise the projector, 4 comfortable rubber feet and an attachment for a really comfortable photo tripod.

Lots of smart features for this device | Artlii Play Pro Review

As mentioned we find inside our Android 9 TV projector. All this translates into the possibility of being able to use the applications that most please us such as Netflix, Prime Video, Dazn and many others. In this regard, I invite you to watch our guides to the best movies on Netflix or Prime Video.

Obviously you can also access the infinite Play Pro Store catalog or still take advantage of the Google Chromecast functions. Doing so you can easily play the videos directly from your smartphone without necessarily logging on to your projector, even if the operation is really very simple and fast thanks to the services offered by Google.

In short, we can only congratulate this device. It turns out to be truly complete in every respect, smart and otherwise. Furthermore, the possibility of using the bluetooth connection to connect headphones or a soundbar is really a very interesting and useful addition.

How do you see this projector? | Artlii Play Pro Review

During our tests we were surprised to find that, despite the low price (according to the offer), we are in front of a truly complete and effective projector,

Once the viewing angles, the zoom adjustment and everything necessary to have a good image rendering were arranged, we found ourselves in front of an enjoyable image even with a lot of light. Obviously the best of this Artlii Play Pro offers it in pitch dark environments, but even with good brightness you can use your Artlii Play Pro.

The image yield holds up well even with high zoom and even if projected on home walls the image remains more than enjoyable. As previously said, the grain is very reminiscent of that of the cinema even if thanks to a series of settings in the menu you can choose the one that best suits you.

In a nutshell, the customization of the image, angle and colors can make everyone really happy. Even the most demanding palates will be able to find the right combination.

The only flaws are perhaps related to the sound and the heating of the projector.

Although the two speakers of 5 Watt each defend themselves well in the low and medium frequencies and although the decibel level is sufficient to enjoy a good performance, the higher frequencies as well as the voices may have some imperfections. If you really want to get the most out of your vision, our advice is to add a soundbar to your projector. To close the circle of sound it is important to know that the projector is quite noisy, so if you want to keep the volume very low you will have to deal with this aspect too.

As for the heating, we report it only for completeness but our advice is not to keep the device near your DVD collection or next to some heat source (such as a lamp) as the projector itself tends to heat a lot and also very quickly.

Artlii Play Pro review: a smart portable projector to be discovered

Who should buy this smart projector?

In conclusion, if you want to buy a projector, we advise you to spend a few euros more (if you have the possibility) and to consider this Artlii Play Pro.

The market is full of even cheaper but find projectors all these features and this quality at a lower price I don’t think it’s easy (or even possible). Furthermore, given the recent launch, the company has decided to offer a discount of 40 euros on the list price for a limited period. An excellent opportunity!

You will not be disappointed with this Artlii Play Pro and you will be able to enjoy the magic of cinema safely in your home.

Points in favor

  • A truly smart projector
  • Image rendering
  • Compact but complete
  • Price

Points against

  • A little noisy
  • Warm up a little
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