sponsorizza l'Esport Palace di Bergamo thumbnail sponsors the Esport Palace in Bergamo ago enters the world of professional gaming by sponsoring theEsport Palace of Bergamo. Managed by the company AK Management, the partnership will promote Aruba’s high-performance fiber, ideal for competitive online gaming.

Aruba is the largest Italian cloud provider, and the leading company in data centers, e-mails, certified e-mails, domain registration and web – hosting. Its fiber optic connection FTTH (Fiber To The Home), thanks to its very high performance and its stability, it is ideal for allowing players to compete on the net without technical problems. and the Esport Palace of Bergamo ready for the Marathon

The start of the partnership coincides with the very important event 24 Hours Sports Marathon, which will be held from11 to 12 September. The best talents of the following games will be crowned: Fortnite, Assetto Corsa, League of Legends and Call of Duty: Warzone.

The organization has given away 10 thousand dollars and the whole event will be visible in streaming on Twitch or through the screens of the Esport Palace.


The words of the managers

The Esport Palace of Bergamo will therefore be “powered by Aruba”. We remind you that it is located in Via Giosué Carducci 4. Alessio Cicolari, CEO of AK Esports, said:

“I am very proud to welcome Aruba as an eSport Palace partner. Despite the tough times we are facing, AK Esports has never given up, renewing itself, adapting to difficulties and continuing to organize world-class tournaments. There is therefore no greater joy in seeing a company as important and solid as Aruba taking its first steps in eSports, fully recognizing the efforts and results obtained by our team: young, dynamic and enterprising “.

Gabriele Married, marketing director of Aruba, commented:

“We are thrilled to enter the world of Esports through the front door and to do so with an exceptional partner such as
AK Esports, in the Italian “temple” of gaming. Since 1994 Aruba has been synonymous with web and IT services: today there are millions of Italian customers who use digital tools and cloud applications every day to communicate and make their work or daily life smarter. Aruba Fiber is now a powerful ally for uninterrupted gaming sessions and the sponsorship of the Esport Palace gives us the opportunity to bring all Esports enthusiasts closer to the Aruba brand. “

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