AstroSamantha will not be in command of the International Space Station

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AstroSamantha, name by which astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti is known, she will not be the first European woman to lead a mission to the ISS. The confirmation has arrived in these hours and is linked to a revision of the plans of the Dragon Crew-4 mission that will be changed in advance, compared to the previously scheduled times, with the Crew-5 team. For AstroSamantha there will still be an important role as she will be responsible for the United States Orbital Segment USOS which includes the space station modules of the United States, Europe, Canada and Japan.

AstroSamantha does not lead the mission on the ISS

According to reports from the Head of the European Astronaut Center, Frank De Winne, changes in flight plans are on the agenda. The traffic of the International Space Station it needs to be coordinated very carefully and operational needs can change at any time. The change to the plan involving AstroSamantha is related to this aspect. The astronaut will cover anyway a leading role.

The astronaut’s comment

Samantha Cristoforetti, on official website esa, comments: “As crew members, we are ready to make our contribution as needed. It is an honor for me to be in charge of USOS, and this role encompasses most of the duties I would have assumed as commander. However, I recognize that many people in Europe, especially women, have drawn inspiration from the prospect of having the first European female commander of the ISS. I regret that this will not happen during my mission “